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If you’re developing your Flutter application using Redux, you know that this architecture has many advantages. Unfortunately, like everything, it also has some drawbacks. One of them is the amount of code you have to write for every new widget that wants to benefit from the Redux Store.

Today I’d like to show you a nice way for speeding up this process. It’ll be useful for you if you’re using Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA or Visual Studio Code.

Android Studio/IntelliJ IDEA

In this IDE we’re gonna use a feature called Live Template. …

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Hi! Today I’d like to show you how to run Flutter integration tests on devices using Firebase Test Lab.

What are integration tests?

Integration tests check how different parts of the app work together. Unlike unit tests, they are intended to be run on devices (physical or virtual) and are used for end-to-end testing instead of testing particular components in separation. Because of that, integrations tests are much slower than unit tests, but they are a great way to check if our app works correctly in real-life scenarios.

What is a Firebase Test Lab?

While running integrations tests is a great way of testing the app, we’re unfortunately limited to…

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Hi! Today I’d like to share my favourites keyboard shortcuts I can’t imagine living without.

A few years ago I wrote two articles about keyboard shortcuts in Android Studio. They can be also applied to IntelliJ IDEA, so if you don’t know them, give it a reading!

Today, I’d like to share those who might be more obvious, but for those of you who don’t know them —I’m sure they’ll save you plenty of time and mouse clicking! Let’s start!

#1 Go to declaration

That’s my №1 shortcut, my all-time-favourite! With this shortcut, you can easily find all places where a class is declared…

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Hi! In today’s article I would like to cover topic of image labelling using Firebase ML in Flutter.

Firebase ML is a library that uses machine learning for solving a variety of problems, including language identification, text recognition, face detection, or — main topic of this article — image labelling. With Firebase ML we can use great potential of machine learning without having expert knowledge on how neural networks work. In this article you’ll learn how to implement this API in your Flutter project.

Ready? Let’s start!


In this article we’re gonna build a simple app that will allow us…

Hi! Today I’d like to show you an example of how to make a layout that adapts to the different screen sizes in Flutter:

Adaptable layout in Flutter

This layout, when the screen width is smaller than 500px, scales all the children and keeps their ratio. However, if the screen width is smaller than 500px, it keeps all children’s sizes and makes the whole view scrollable.

That kind of layout might be very useful when you want to keep a minimum width for all your children, allowing them to resize up if they have any space on the screen. …

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Hi! Today I’d like to share a few tips on how to write tests in Flutter. Some say that writing tests slows you down, but it is not true if you know how to write them efficiently. There are a few good practices on how to achieve that in basically every language and framework. In this article I will show you some of them in Flutter.

If you want to learn some basics about Flutter testing first, I encourage you to visit Flutter website. You can find there an explanation of unit, widget, and integrations tests. …

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Often you read those articles about unit testing or TDD, you see examples of fully tested code and maybe you wonder — it looks so simple, why haven’t I started doing this yet?

Perhaps, as it was in my case, you come with this knowledge to your project, and… you have no idea where to even start it. It’s easy to try testing on a small, example project that someone showed you to prove that you don’t have to feel scared about it. But it’s different when it comes to practice. But hey, there’s good news! If you already made…

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Today I’d like to introduce you into a beacons and how to became a beacon using only your phone and a Flutter. Let’s start!

What’s a beacon?

Beacon. Source: https://community.estimote.com

Beacon is a small device, operating on batteries that can last for a few years. It can send a radio signal and communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth. The name is not without a reason — when we go near the beacon, it can contact the application on our phone and display the information we need, refer us to the store or informs us about the current place.

For instance, if you walk into the…

This year’s Google IO is behind us. Google introduces us to a lot of new things. Among all of the informations, there is some great news for Flutter. What’s this? Let’s check!

Flutter for Web

The biggest news for Flutter developers is Flutter Web announcement. Back in December on Flutter Live, we’ve heard about the plans for incoming 2019 year. One of those plans was to support building websites with Flutter. Now, this week, Google has released a preview version of Flutter for the web! By the way, it’s not called Hummingbird anymore, now it’s called Flutter web.

Flutter Web supports popular browsers…

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In today’s article we’ll continue a series in which we’re going through the process of creating animation in Flutter using Flare. This series is split into three parts and you can check all of them here:

This is the last part. In this article we’ll go through the final step: integrating animation with our Flutter project to achieve this result:

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